O.K. Before & After School Child Care Centres Inc

School Age 6-12 years

Our emergent play-based School-Age program allows early childhood educators to gain greater insight into the needs of each individual child, allowing for thoughtful and personalized programming. Our curriculum is based entirely on the children’s interests. This emergent approach continues to evolve as the children’s curiosity and desire for new information changes. One of the priorities in these programs is to develop independent, confident and determined children.

Our trained ECEs create an environment to enhance the children’s awareness of altruism. Children have many opportunities to learn about the virtues of compassion, kindness and consideration. Play experiences and projects are chosen to celebrate diversity and enhance the children’s virtue of “tolerance”. The children are exposed to a variety of opportunities that allow them to understand the perspective of others.

The Nature Based program offers outdoor educational opportunities, allowing the children space to take safe risks while testing their emerging abilities.

Interest clubs are created to further extend children’s learning in various topics such as loose parts and STEM.

School Age program is offered at the following locations