O.K. Before & After School Child Care Centres Inc

Preschool 2-5 years

O.K. Before & After School Child Care Centres Inc. believes that play is essential for the development and learning of children. We offer a play based, developmentally appropriate and compassionate curriculum. We deliver opportunities that are thoughtful, intentional, nurturing and purposeful. We provide a mixed age group to allow the children to learn from one another, share experience and abilities, and develop peer relationships in varying ages and abilities. We organize learning to enhance children’s physical, social/emotional, and creative growth and development. Play is used as a context for learning where children can explore, experiment, discover and problem solve in imaginative and playful ways.

We believe it is necessary to create a close physical and emotional attachment with a child. We do this by interacting and being engaged throughout the day. Strong relationships are developed between the children and educators to encourage trust and emotional bonds. Interactions between educators and children are respectful and engaging and educators act as role models for successful social interactions. Educators use meal times for opportunities to connect with the children to share reflections and information in the day. These times help to develop a sense of community and build on planning. Relationships and connections with peers are encouraged by the educators and naturally develop through shared interests and play times.

Preschool program is offered at the following locations