O.K. Before & After School Child Care Centres Inc

Infant 12 weeks to 2 years

O.K. Before & After School Child Care Centres Inc. believes that play is essential for the development and learning of children. We offer a play based, developmentally appropriate and compassionate curriculum. We deliver opportunities that are thoughtful, intentional, nurturing and purposeful. We organize learning to enhance children’s physical, social/emotional, and creative growth and development.

The infant room will consist of trained Early Childhood Educators and Child Care Assistants. Each child will be in a group of no more than four children and will have a “Primary Educator”. Primary educators help build strong relationships and also provide a flexible schedule for each child in the infant room.

O.K. Before & After School Child Care Centres Inc. believes it is necessary to create a close physical and emotional attachment with a child. We do this by holding, cuddling, interacting and being in close proximity to them at all times. Educators challenge and expand the play of infants by being on the floor at the infants’ level, engaging in play and conversation. Educators help to identify connections to other children and objects by speaking, singing, labelling toys/objects, saying children’s names, and labelling actions. They also help to encourage empathy by labelling and talking about feelings.

Infant program is offered at the following locations