Payment Schedule

Child care fees are invoiced four (4) weeks in advance of child care services. The billing periods do not follow a monthly schedule. You will receive a billing schedule upon enrollment at the centre. Invoices will be delivered to parent mailboxes, approximately one week before fees are due. The amount is due within the first week of the billing period.

Fees may be paid by cheque or money order made out to the O.K. Before & After School Child Care Centres Inc. Cash payments will only be received at our office at 204-35 Marbury Road. Cheques/money orders must be handed directly to one of the child care staff. Parents will be required to initial the payment binder at the centre, once payment has been made. Administrative staff will issue all receipts approximately one week after centre staff has received fees.

Payments received after the “due date” (refer to billing schedule) will be considered late. The following steps will be taken:

  • Week 1 – payment due
  • Week 2 – late charge of $10.00 applied to account. At the end of Week 2, if payment has not been received, parents will be notified in writing that effective Monday of Week 3, their child will be suspended.
  • Week 3 – child is suspended until a payment is received.
  • Week 4 – if full payment has not been received child care services will be terminated.

NSF Cheques

If the centre receives a NSF cheque, the amount of the cheque will be re-invoiced back to the family’s account. A NSF charge of $30.00 will be billed to the account along with any outstanding fees and a $10.00 late fee. If a family is issued two NSF notices within a calendar year, the administrative office reserves the right to request all future payments to be made via certified cheques, money orders or in cash form.


Once child care services are terminated, any outstanding fees will be referred to a collection agency, after thirty calendar days. At that time, registration deposits will not be returned and our administrative office will no longer accept payments. The family will be responsible for all outstanding fees (including late fees) as well as the incurred collection charges. The Executive Board of Directors will be notified if child care services have been terminated.

Please note: upon termination of services, families lose their child care space(s). However, families may re-apply for the next opening starting at the bottom of the waiting list, once their account is cleared at the collections agency. We reserve the right to refuse entries into our programs. If such family is re-enrolled into our programs, they will be expected to sign and abide by a contractual agreement outlining the fee payment policy.

Any children attending the centre after termination will be turned over to C.F.S. as abandoned.