What's New?!

In a joint project O.K. Before & After School and O.V. Jewitt Community School developed a natural playscape area for the children of the child care centre, the school and the community. While conventional playgrounds generally cater to active physical play, this is only a small portion of the play that children enjoy. Natural playscapes provide opportunities for the full range of play possibilities from dramatic social play to quiet creative play. The flexibility and changing nature of natural playscapes create endless opportunities for open-ended play and discovery. 


The "Natural Playscape on Neville" was developed in three phases. Phase I involved the development of wooden huts, a "pond" and a canoe. Phase 2 saw the addition of a 1949 refurbished Ferguson tractor. And finally, the 3rd phase included flower boxes, a "stage" and several boulders. 


Many thanks to the Seven Oaks School Division for permitting us to create this magical space for the children of this community. Thank you to all financial contributors which include - Seven Oaks School Division, O.V. Jewitt Parent Council, O.V. Jewitt Community School, O.K. Before & After School Child Care Centres Inc., Home Depot, the Winnipeg Foundation, Seven Oaks Healthy Living and the Community Incentive Grant Program (Devi Sharma, City Councillor).

Who We Are

Mission Statement

O.K. Before & After School Child Care Centres Inc. exists to provide licensed, quality child care for children 5–12 years.

Mission Objectives

  • Adhere to the Manitoba Early Learning and Child Care Program’s Best Practices Licensing Manual for Early Learning and Child Care Centres
  • Provide a unified program that meets the children’s needs and interests
  • Offer a safe learning environment for children
  • Work cooperatively with families to support the development of their child
  • Exist as an active partner with the school division, other child care programs and the members that make up our community

Vision Statement

To provide a peaceful, purposeful learning environment where all individuals are respected and appreciated.

Vision Objectives

  • For children, families and staff to be courteous, tolerant and understanding of one another
  • For everyone to be responsible for their own actions and demonstrate self-control
  • To offer programs that will develop integrity and confidence in children
  • Support an environment which values individual differences, feelings and opinions
  • For conflicts to be resolved tactfully

Code of Conduct

O.K. Before & After School Child Care Centres Inc. is committed to supporting families. We strive to help children develop to their full potential. We will respect all individuals that are involved in our organization and expect the same regard from them.